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What is Motivational Entertainment & what can Keith Fields do for your organization?

He can make you laugh! 

Think that’s not important? Read on…

From the clips below, you will see that he is a naturally funny guy who the audience love to be with.  He has the ability to grab and keep the attention of any audience.  His ability to improvise and create situational comedy is legendary.  And he has discovered a secret – when people are laughing they are more open to learning.

Keith’s mission is to release the laughter & deliver your message.

Laughter is part of our natural communication; it is important among families, friends, and colleagues.  Laughter is an important part of the glue that holds an organization together. As a motivational entertainer, Keith takes the audience on a journey of laughter and amazement, and they will discover laughter really is the best medicine.

Every presentation is unique and crafted so that the audience remember the message rather than the messenger.  What is the message?  Well that is up to you.  Popular themes include customer servicecomedy in the workplacechange management, and creative thinking.  Keith will work with you to clarify your message and then work it into a presentation, which will be enlightening and entertaining.